October 27, 2014 / Workout of the Day

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(No Measure)

2 rounds

200m run

200m row

2 min AD

100 singles

25 sit ups

10 supermans

Go through the above at a WARM UP pace.

Metcon (4 Rounds for reps)

Partner WOD

Partner A works while Partner B rest.

10 min – Max Cal on row

10 min- Max Cal on AD

10 min- Max # of 400m runs

After burner- if you can do 45 sit ups in 60 sec, you get 45 reps to add to your above score. Move right into this with no rest from the 30 min wod.

On the Rower and AD, switch off ever minute. 1 – 400m run = 25 reps.

Move from 1- 10 min section to the next with no rest

Measurement is total number of cal on Rower and AD + reps for 400m runs and afterburner if you complete it. Record each round.

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